Yes yes and yes! It is this time of the year, it is Christmas time!

It is the magical time, the beautiful, the nostalgic, and most of all the fattening period of all!!! lol lol

When I was growing up in Beirut we didn’t have White Christmas. To get in the spirit we had to watch American movies and dream of snow. Some times we would put fake snow spray on the windows but it got old and tacky so we stopped.

All this to say that in Berlin I am definitely living the White Christmas dream 🙂

Not only with the snow that doesn’t dry off the ground since few weeks, but also the beautiful famous German Christmas Markets! I think Christmas was born in this country!

There is all kind of Christmas markets here, the big ones, the medium ones and the one on each corner of a street. You don’t need to look up on the internet to find where they are, just wander in the city and you will hit at least few!

Enjoy the pictures of the Christmas markets that I will be sharing for the next weeks. This one was taken in Schloss Charlottenburg Christmas market, and it seem to be one of Berliners’ favorite.


Chocolate in all shapes and forms




Bread, cookies, jam and apple chips


Smoked Salmon. I had a snadwich that day, it was delicious!


The angels (little naughty though)


This is the amazing nut bread cake that the German love to have during Christmas.

DSC_0167 DSC_0178 DSC_0203 DSC_0212


Christmas songs



Art work, not related to Christmas but very nice to display.