Brandenburg Gate

Hello my dear bloggers friends, I have missed you!

So here we are again moving to a new country, this time to Berlin, Germany!

After a little bit less than two years in Sudan (which seemed like eternity) here we are back to Europe, and this time in a place where I have never been before, Berlin.

What can I say about this city… still cannot place it in a category… still wondering…

It’s definitely Europe but not the mid and south Europe I know. It is not Paris, it’s not Italy. No wonder you don’t hear people saying: “oh this year I’ve got to go to Berlin to check the trends, the fashion, and see what it is going on in the world”, well not. However the Germans of Berlin are the nicest people I have ever met! Berlin, definitely, brings the best of you. You cannot help it here but feel calm, confident, happy and relaxed.

On the cultural side; Berlin is charged with history, and not the good one; when you walk in the city you can easily take a visual and spiritual trip back to the Nazi regime and the Cold War. The remorse, the regrets, the painful memories of the past, are all still weighing on the city, once divided between capitalism and communism. The Germans are doing their best trying to deal with their painful history, but they are not really getting over what happened, and a very sad morbid atmosphere lingers over the city.

Anyway, I hope to be able to catch all this with my lenses, and witness the evolution over the years.

Today I am sharing my first pictures of the Berlin Wall!

My Friend Gwen, when she first saw the pictures, said to me that she didn’t know that there was so much wall left. Well in fact, Gwen, the wall was built on each side of the two Berlins;  the west side which was totally (I think) destroyed (and you can buy pieces of the wall in the souvenir shops) and the east side which is still standing, and turned into an open air gallery with beautiful paintings and drawings, and this is what you see here in my blog.

Enjoy the pictures my friends! And I promise to take you with me in my journey in Berlin for the next coming years.