The house is empty, the movers were here yesterday and they packed everything.
The house is more silent. Since all objects are gone I breath better and it’s less noisy. I told Jim: “I feel that our stuff in the house speaks and whispers to me…”
Since they are gone, it is calmer and serene. I will not hear their constant conversation in my head anymore: “clean me, change me, I am getting old but don’t get rid of me, I am fragile please handle me carefully…”
They have a power over me, the power of carrying all the good memories, the faces of family and friends, places we went to, money we spent buying them, the effort we did to carry them from country to country and continent to continent… They are gone now, at least for a while…
Some time I fear that they will be lost in the sea or in a plane crash during the move, but I wonder if I will not feel free from the burden and the attachment, if it ever happens. Will I miss them? Will I remember them? No. I think I will start over with new objects to collect and move them around, again. Why do we do that? Why can’t we human being live in an empty house with just basic necessary stuff? Why do we need choices and options even if we never use them, ever?

Years ago I was at the airport leaving Beirut to visit my sister in Paris, and at the boarding gate I recognize a woman activist, very well known in Lebanon for trying to assassinate one of the warlords, she was arrested by the militia and spend years in confinement. She was newly released and was going to give a conference about her years in prison. She was sitting right next to me when came two young people going on vacation with four carry-on, they were complaining that they had to pay overweight for their other two checked-in luggages. She looked at them, laughed and said: ” you will be surprise to know how little things we need in our life.” She was referring to her cell where she had almost nothing and no belongings, and yet she was able to make it through the years.

After our stuff are gone, and until we will get them again at the other end, Jim and I will have to live on two suitcases for months. By the time we get our stuff back, we will realize how unnecessary they are, since we were able to go on with our lives without having them around.