“La nature n’aime pas le vide” (Nature doesn’t like emptiness or hollowness), my skin doctor once told me after he treated my injury. I was wondering at the time if my wound will ever recover.  Since then I realized that his theory was true; nature restore what is missing and create a natural balance or what I call “equilibrium”.  Things always end up the way they should be or meant to be.

I have been contemplating the strange development in the Middle East, the uprising and the unstoppable freedom movement in the region, and wondering why now? What made them ready? What kind of force is driving people to say enough is enough, time for a change? And the only answer I could get was “equilibrium”.

I also witnessed few years ago the birth of social media and I am closely watching how it is evolving, admiring this outstanding phenomena that is defying all rules and growing like a mushroom out of nowhere.  No language, no age or social barrier is stopping people from exchanging ideas and opinion.  This is the only room where people can speak freely with senior audiences, richer, younger, different.  It doesn’t matter what the gender is or the country they come from, they are all in the same cyberspace, on the same level, communicating with each other on an equal ground. The need for a new language also grew; hashtag, tweets…. There is a need that has to be filled; this is “equilibrium”.

I was also watching the outbreak of all those stories of infidelities in the news; actors, politicians, leaders, athletes. Infidelity is affecting everybody no matter how smart they are.  Cheating is not new news, people have been cheating since the beginning of times and this is, unfortunately, unstoppable too. We can easily condemn cheaters, however if we want to be rational, we can say that maybe the set of rules imposed on us by religion or other form of social organization is no longer valid.  Maybe the institution of marriage or the concept of faithfulness should be reconsider, and we should establish an equilibrium to prevent lot of suffering and misunderstanding.

It is obvious that suddenly pre-fixed rules stopped working and people are driven by a strange force. Fear doesn’t seem to be preventing anyone from doing the right things or even the wrong things.  Universe has no definition of what is right and what is wrong. We set the rules and if the universe doesn’t like it, it will change it. Life at the end wants the “equilibrium” restored in order for humans to grow.