Today is my birthday.

I am 45 years old…. let us do some recapitulation:

I think 45 is not too old since I am planning on living 100 years like my grandfather… which means I still have 5 years to go before my mid-life crisis…

I still have the chance to celebrate one day 50 years of marriage (honey if you keep up and stay in shape)

I can still work enough years to get a decent retirement…

45 years in this world… not too bad, with still 50 years to go!

Let’s see what I acheived so far: I made it through 20 years of war, through law school and my jailed clients, through immigration as an “alien”, and now hopefully will come out from Africa without malaria…

I’ve learned few things:

“Nothing last” good things and bad things they both vanish eventually.

“Love keeps you alive” and mostly “keeps people around you alive too…”

“Developing a new skill is the most aphrodisiac activity you can ever have”

“You are what you are, not more, nor less”

“You can never be alone enough… but the worse is feeling alone when you are with somebody else”

“Life is a constant surprising process”

“Don’t try to be a philosopher when you are writing a blog, it bores the reader”

Thank you for reading it anyway…

Now I am going to go and celebrate surviving 45 years and loving it.