Things have been hectic lately in my life.  Between my job (that I am still enjoying very much) and my adaptation process (that is improving) life seems to be going the right way.

It has been years since I’ve been involved in historic events.  After moving to the United States and then living in Paris, life seemed so pink and beautiful.  I almost forgot that a big part of the planet is torn by wars, killings and poverty…

Living here is reviving good and bad memories:  good memories of how life can be full of nice surprises after long period of wars, and bad memories of how fragile peace can be.

I want to share this video that I recorded one day when I was out in the suburbs.  The video can be very long and boring for some of you … but this is just to show you the environment where we live; it is something different from everything you know.

Enjoy! (please keep in mind that I am not a professional film maker)