[tweetmeme source=”mirellamcc” only_single=false] “Are you happy here?” is the question people ask me at least three times a day since we moved to Africa.  I decided to have three different answers to the questions, depending on who is asking.
First answer would be “yes am very happy“ when I am asked by locals. For nothing in the world I want to offend them by telling them how much I hate it here.  Even though they all know that I am not telling the truth, they love the fact that I am lying to them. It is their country after all and there is no point in reminding them how bad it is to be born and to have to live the rest of your life in a place that many don’t like…
“I am not happy” is the answer I give my sister when she ask me, she knows me too well to lie to her…
“I am a happy person and I can adapt” is the third answer, and, I think, the most accurate.
Which lead me to reflect on what is “being happy?”
“Am I happy?“ I keep asking myself.  I know that I don’t like it here but it is not that I am crying all the time, not at all! My state of mind is still the same as when I was living in Beirut, in D.C. or even in Paris.  I still wake up in the morning and look forward to having a good day, I love it when I hear the bird singing on our balcony, I love the smell of my coffee…My happiness comes from this strange place inside of me.  However, I was not happy this evening when things didn’t go the way I wanted at work… made me sad and unhappy…and it had nothing to do with this place.  I was happy when I was running on the Blue Nile the other day, and I saw that the water of the Nile was blue, like its name.  That morning also, I was happy to see the sun rising, it was big and orange, although as pale as a sunset… I was happy to be running, to be free…
What about you? Do you ever ask yourself if you are happy now?
Or when was the time when you were the most happy in your life?
Or are you just waiting for something to happen so you can start being happy?
I want to dedicate this post to Jason who makes me and my husband smileJ Thanks Teddy Bear!