Paul I am not trying to step on your expertise lolol, but today I decided to talk about my favorite shows on TV, the reality shows on Bravo![tweetmeme source=”mirellamcc” only_single=false]

I am so proud to say that I extremely enjoy watching reality TV shows.  My favorites are Top Chef, Rachel Zoe and the Real housewives of New York.  I insist on the New York housewives and not the other ones…

Real Housewives of Washington DC

Watching Alex, Bethany, Jill, Kelly, Luann, Ramona and Sonia is more satisfying than watching Sex And The City, Gossip girl, the Devil wears Prada or any other movie about fashion.  Watching them living in their multi million dollars Manhattan town houses, moving in the summer to their beach houses in the Hampton, carrying Birkin bags, wearing Hermes shoes is magical and beyond what a screenwriter can imagine to put in a movie…. It remind me of the streets of the 16 arrondissement where my husband and I used to live in Paris, where French ladies go shopping at Monoprix with their Channel bags, wearing their Ives Saint Laurent shoes and Lanvin dresses.

I don’t think any movie or book can get as close to describing the life of the wealthiest elegant women in America than this reality show.  The Birkin bags, that most of the cast carry on a daily basis, appear in almost every episode.  We are talking about a bag that cost between $10,000 to $50,000 depending on the materials, and if you don’t believe me check the listings on eBay.  Jill’s Hermes slippers, that she loves wearing around the house when cleaning the dogs poop, cost around 500 Euros.

Of course us, the viewers, think that by seeing the New York Housewives arguing and fighting on TV, it gives us the right to feel superior and allow ourselves to criticize them, but God how wrong we are.  Those people belong to this particular social private club, and very few of us get to get near them, or experience what they live… not in a lifetime.  We are not talking here about just money or wealth, we are talking about living in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, New York, eating in the finest master chefs restaurants, and wearing clothes before they are worn on the catwalks in Bryant park.  There is so much details in the New York Housewives that makes me watch every episode twice: the first time to see what is happening with these ladies and the second time, I put it on mute, and watch what they are wearing, eating or just to see the streets of New York and the apartments in Manhattan.

If you loved Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City you have to watch “Bethany’s getting married?”, she is the real personification of Carrie in real life.  Even if Jessica Parker once said that she think Sonia is more like Carrie Bradshaw, but it is not true, this is just what Jessica Parker is projecting for her Alter ego Carrie.

Today I read that the real housewives of DC will start on August 5th… I cannot wait to see the White House party crashers lol.

Talking about DC, yesterday night Top Chef DC aired its première.

Volt's Goat Ravioli

Top chef is one of my other favorite reality TV shows; what can I say?  I thought that elegant cooking on TV started when Martha Stewart show was born, and here I discover Top Chef and Top Chef Master…we are talking here about chefs who, at least half of them, own restaurant where you can’t dine for less than couple of 100 of dollars.  We are talking about cooking with Foie Gras and truffle, those ingredients that I am afraid to touch in my hand at the grocery store without worrying that I will be charge for.  We are talking about a state of the art equipped kitchen, with thousand of dollars machines, to make cooking sous-vide possible.

So yesterday it was the première of Top Chef DC and we can already see that Kenny, Timothy, Kevin, and especially Angelo Sosa are taking the lead.  They reminded me of Jennifer, Kevin, Michael and Bryan of last season… Will see.

Yesterday’s Angelo Sosa’s dish covered with the white foam, looked a lot like one of Volt’s dish that I blogged about few months ago.

Finally, Rachel Zoe … if you remember the last episode of last season, Rachel visited Coco Chanel’s apartments Rue Cambon and at the Ritz.  It was so glamorous seeing her staying at the George 5 on the Champs Elysées.  Her suite was magical… with macarons displayed on the commode and a bed covered with orange Hermes boxes… (Sigh) I cannot wait for the new season to start on August 3d!