Two weeks ago, I start having unexplained dizziness. It went from once every 4 hours to every 10 minutes.  I was very scared.  My doctor diagnosed me with an inner ear infection and gave me a treatment. The treatment consisted of a patch that I had to wear for 6 days to restore my balance again.

I have to warn you that this post is not based on any medical information.  I am just reporting my own experience, just in case someone out there is going through the same thing and needs company.[tweetmeme source=”mirellamcc” only_single=false]

Unfortunately, the patch had severe side effects.  It made my vision blurry because it widens the iris.

Since Thursday, my vision is so bad that I had to stop reading and using the computer.

Right now, I am zooming the page to 200% to be able to write, and I can still see the letters dancing on the screen in front of me.

Yesterday, I decided to remove the patch because I couldn’t stand not being able to write on my blog or read my friend’s blog.  Unfortunately, the side effects of the patch are persisting.  Even though the dizziness went away, I still can hardly see anything around me.

It is pretty scary.

When I was young, I used to play the “little blind girl” game.  I would let myself wander in the house with the light off and pretend that I was blind.  I did it because I heard at school that blind people develop other capabilities in sensing things around them, like smelling or hearing better than people with normal vision.

I think this theory doesn’t work on me, because since I lost (temporarily) my vision, I think all my other senses are suffering.  I am less sharp than I used to be, and I’ve lost all my concentration.

I am going to make my husband read my post today before publishing it, to make sure that all the words are in order.

I never had to make so much effort to write so few words. I just wanted to give you my whereabouts and reach a hand to the people who are suffering from vertigo right now, hoping that the search engine will land them on my blog, so we can share stories.