[tweetmeme source=”mirellamcc” only_single=false]  After I finished writing my post about Organizing your twitter account by creating different lists, I went on my Twitter account to check how many followers I have so far.  Knowing that the night before I have reached 61.  I was surprised to find that only 59 people were following me.

I was shocked and I tried to understand why.

I have added more than 50 people recently, whom I don’t know, neither from my blog nor real life, only because they added me to their account.  So the numbers of “followers”, as of today, should almost equal the number of people I am following. But it wasn’t.  Not even close.

I know that I don’t tweet that much and I couldn’t have overwhelmed or annoyed anyone.  So I came to a conclusion that some of the people I followed after they followed me, ended up unfollowing me after I followed them, and those people must be the spammers.

I tried to see who did it, but it was impossible.  When I went on the list of people whom I am following, I couldn’t tell who is following me back, and I think Twitter should do something about it.  Twitter should add an option to see if the people who you are following are following you back (unless Twitter is doing it on purpose for some reason)

Anyway, so I decided to check every person whom I am following, if I still exist in their list by going to their Twitter account and see if they are still following me.  But it was an impossible task, especially that some of them follow over 44,000 people, and it will take hours to see if my name is still on their list.

Are you still following me? I know my post is a little bit complicated today:)

So where was I?

OK, so I decided to be a grown up, and not to make a big deal out of it. The “followers” are not bind by any obligation towards me, and they are free to do whatever they want.  So I decided to unfollow people myself, the one who tweets every 10 minutes and especially those who have over 3000 followers.  I thought that they would never know or even notice who unfollowed them.  So I went on my list of “followings” and removed some of them.

Few minutes after, I noticed that the number of my followers dropped even more, to 54.  So I knew that those people find out that I am not following them anymore so they decided to unfollow me, but HOW ON EARTH DID THEY KNOW?  I have been trying for hours to figure out who unfollowed me, and I couldn’t, they knew that I unfollowed them right away.  So I knew that there must be some way to do it.

I went on Google and searched for “How to know who is unfollowing you” and guess what? I landed on a company that does that.  It is called Qwitter and they promote their service this way:

“Qwitter is a service to notify twitter users whenever someone unfollows them on twitter. Qwitter helps you unfollow those who have been following you previously but started unfollowing you after some time.  It comes in handy in weeding out those who tend to first follow you on twitter and then unfollow once you start following them! Use Qwitter to be alerted whenever your followers quit. Qwitter sends you an email at regular intervals (only if there is a twitter user who has unfollowed you) and you can then unfollow such twitter users if you wish to.”

Can you believe it?

My God, this world of Twitter gets more and more interesting by the minute!

And then I found another company called chirpstats :

“Chirpstats.com* is a Twitter follower analytics package built to help you track and learn more about your follower-base. To use chirpstats, simply follow @chirpstats on Twitter and we will message you with your first update in a couple of days! Chirpstats will notify you when somebody stops following you and tell you who it is and your follower history is graphed out over time. Find out why you’re losing or gaining followers.”

And then I found hundred of other companies that offer the same service.

One of the bloggers (I am not gonna put the link to the source because I believe it is a spam) put what I call the dirty Followings in 3 categories:

1. SPAMMERS – who follow you to gain your attention and then silently unfollow you as a trick to get visitor on the link on their profile or increase their followers.

2. POTENTIAL FOLLOWERS – Human psychology refrains a potential follower from following you noticing the Following:Follower ratio in your profile.

3. FOLLOWER WANNABE FRIEND – One follower asks you “hey, I noticed you are not following me back?”. You do so to make him happy and get rid of his frequent requests. But, you are not interested in his talks and unfollow afterwards silently.

After finishing reading about this strange world of Tweeting, I went back on my Twitter account, and followed again the people I have unfollowed an hour ago.  Guess what?  My followers number jumped back again to 57 and they are getting higher by the minute!

I knew then that I was dealing with robot, not human, just marketing devices.

So I learned that it is all about spams,  and not about who ditch whom and why.  It is just business, and some people like to have more followers then  “followings”.

This is my Twitter information for the day and I will let you know if I make more discoveries:)

Have a great weekend!

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