[tweetmeme source=”mirellamcc” only_single=false]  I made a great discovery this morning, I am so happy and excited about it, so I decided to share it with you.  This might not be something new for some of you, but I bet most of us don’t know about it yet.  It is about how to organize the thousand of tweets you receive every day, and how to be able to read only the one you want.

We all love to have thousand of followers, right? We all dream to reach million of followers one day!  So we try to follow all the people who follow us, whether out of courtesy or because sometimes when we don’t follow the people who added us, they unfollow us sooner or later.

But don’t we hate when one of the twitter fellows overwhelms our account with his/her tweets?  Or when they retweet stories of another Twitter friend which you are not interested in?  Your account is invaded with irrelevant tweets and you don’t have room to see your own friend’s tweets.

Finally, I found a way to see only the tweets coming from the people I want.  This option on Twitter was here all the time but I never tried it before this morning.

I explain: So, I am now following around 131 people on Twitter, most of them overwhelm my Twitter account with boring tweets.  Knowing that the only tweets I care about are:

In the morning: my family and friends (like you Holly:), the Georgetown cupcakery, (to see the free cupcake of the day), the metro news to see the delays, and the news from Arlington county.

During the day: I am more interested in what is happening in the world, locally and on the international scene.  So I read the tweets of Huffington post, CNN, Dipnote, Astro Mike, foreign government, organizations…

At the end of the day: I like to read about personal blogs and private tweets of people whom I found interesting, funny or educational.

In the evening: I like to read the tweets of celebrities and TV shows, so I follow the Real housewives tweets, Ryan Seacrest, Padma Laksmi and Tom Colicchio to see what they are cooking (ok the level of knowledge drops in the evening, I have to admit:)

So I created three categories, or lists, in my Twitter account: Friends and family, News, and Entertainment.

If you want to create your own list this is how you do it:

1- You go to “Home” in your Twitter account.

2- You click on “lists”, you know on the right side of the page? after “Search”.

3- A window appears saying “create a list”.  You name it, for instance “friends and family” (you can add a description too, if you want to).  Then you click on private (versus public) if you don’t want people to join your list (or even to see it, I think), so you can keep total control of your lists.   You click “create list” to finish.

4- Then you go to “Home” page and you click on the people you are following; the list of  names appears, and next to each name you have the small square where you can add the name to the list previously created.

Once all the lists are filled, you can click on the list you want, to see the tweets of the people you want, and not the one who tweets the most or the fastest.

And that’s it folks!

For more information you can click on this link to check how Twitter help you create the list: http://help.twitter.com/entries/76460-how-to-use-twitter-lists