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This blog falls in the category of TMI Thursday.  TMI Thursday is about sharing too much information.  I have no idea who started it (I don’t want to steal any copyright here:) but I know that I read it every Thursday on Spleeness tweets and I know that she got it from her friend Lilu.[tweetmeme source=”mirellamcc” only_single=false]

Anyway, it is all about sharing stories about yourself or other people’s life.

Since I am too prude and proud to be sharing about myself, I am going to use TMI Thursday as an excuse to trash other bloggers. Well, in other words, it will tell a lot about me:)

I decided this morning to profile the bloggers that we meet everyday on the Web.  So I put the Bloggers in 4 categories:

The entrepreneurs, the narcissists, the givers and the entertainers.

1- The entrepreneurs: Usually, they are men.  They create blogs just to sell their products or to make money from the ads on their domain.  Their readers are, for them nothing but potential clients and numbers of clicks.  They fool you with big titles,  and when you click on their website you find a two line post with no story.  They are worse than spam blogs, except that it takes time to recognize them.

How to recognize them: They always post with titles like: ”how to make money from your blog”, “great blog ideas, to die for”, “most read posts” etc.

Their worse nightmare: Fellow bloggers. They have a war going on between them, which take place, usually, on Twitter.  They trash each other and accuse each other of stealing their ideas.  They are greedy and stingy.  They are greedy because they only care about making money, stingy because they don’t share much information.

2- The narcissists: Usually they are women.  They blog about only one, unique subject, over and over again: themselves!

How to recognize them: Their blogs contain images about their faces in the mirror, their dress, or their shoes.  Some times, when they want to be subtle, they post decoration ideas and designs, but they fall back to posting about themselves very quickly.  They never respond to their reader’s comments.

Their worse nightmare: Being away from their camera, and not being able to post every 30 minutes.

3- The givers: They can be either men or women.  Their blogs are all about giving and sharing.  They are very generous with their ideas; they don’t care if anyone steals the content of their blogs.  When someone copies their posts, and it happens all the time because their posts are valuable, they consider it “a form of flattery.”  This type of blogger is deeply insecure. They look for recognition from their readers, they are constantly looking for approval, and any criticism will destroy them, but they don’t show it on their blog and they stay polite and decent in their comments.

How to recognize them: They blog about their own problems, their children, their aches and pain… and some times politics or religion.

Their worse nightmare: Being “problem free”, having fun and enjoying life.

4- The entertainers: Got to love them! They are continuous stand up comedians.  They entertain their readers with pictures, jokes and funny stories.

How to recognize them: They have the highest number of followers on Twitter. I don’t know how people find them, but they are the most read Tweets.

Their worse nightmare: They are living it; this is why they joke all the time.

Having said that, I hope I didn’t hurt anybody’s feeling with my blog today:)   But I don’t think my readers fall in any of these categories, except maybe the entertainers. Hmmm…

The good news is that most of us fall in the “No Category” category.  We blog just because we love it.  Or probably because we want to make friends, have fun, learn more about other people, or about ourselves.

When it comes to me, I blog because I want to know more about how I sound when I speak.  I blog because it helps me find out what kind of person I am.  I blog because I want to know how people will react to what I say without looking at me. Well, you can say it is all about me! At least I am honest.

Have a great Thursday, my friends! And if you are in the DC area, enjoy our beautiful weather. I am going hiking in Shenandoah with my husband Jim. What are you doing?

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