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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to Digg.com’s recent changes of their website, this tutorial is no longer working for us. Thank you.

After the success of my  post about adding a retweet button, I decided to share how to add the Digg button to WordPress.com

The steps are simple, but a little bit longer than the retweet button, so be patient.

First part has to do with opening an account with Digg.com, second part has to do with adding the yellow Digg button to your posts.

Before starting the steps to add the Digg button,  your blog post should be already published.

First part; opening a Digg account:
1-Open your account at Digg.com
2-When you finish, click on Submit New on the right top of the page.
3-Go back to your blog post (the one you want to add the Digg button to) and copy the URL (you know the address on top, http://)
4-You go back to Submit New and you paste the URL of your post to where it says “Enter the URL”
5-Then you choose media (in our case it is News Article) and you click continue. (you also have to enter all the other information about description, topic etc..)
6-You wait until they process your information and when the page “Success, your story has been submitted” appears, you copy the URL on top of the web page (because later you are going to paste it to your blog)

Second part; to add the yellow button of Digg to your post:

7-Open your post on your blog to edit it.
8-On top of the text (or anywhere you choose for the Digg button to appear) you write .

Your yellow Digg button should look like that ————————————–>

Now go and try it, and let me know if it works for you.

Good Luck!

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