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Today is Ash Wednesday; it is the beginning of Lent, which means fasting for 40 days, leading to Easter.[tweetmeme source=”mirellamcc” only_single=false]

People on Twitter are sharing ideas about what should they give up during this period. Two trendy subjects were dominant on twitter this morning:

#lent and #imgivingup

I choose for you some fun quotes: (Keep reading, the funniest are the ones at the end)

  • @xanpearson: I’m thinking about giving up Twitter for Lent! < That’s crazy talk! How about just giving up 20 characters?

  • mamaerin317: can I give up traffic for lent?

  • Jenny_IDLYITW: I’ll be happy to take whatever you’re giving up for Lent.

  • amandaclare94: Its early. I’m giving up mornings for lent this year.

  • DWClark031279: I am giving up my Facebook for Lent. If anyone needs to contact me, my email is benedict2johnpaul@yahoo.com or 410-294-6854. God Bless!

  • @ruthakers: I’m not Catholic, so I’m not giving anything up for Lent, but those of you giving up alcohol, I’ve set up a collection bin outside my door.

  • @tammyphinney: Yesterday was the final day of Mardi Gras, and this morning I woke up without my watch, wallet or bra. I obviously ‘lent’ them to somebody.

  • Warriordog1011: Omg! Im crackin up! My mom asked this preschooler if they knew what Lent was n the preschooler said “Um…something that u get in a drier!

  • @Erica_Rivera: MORNING TWTR!!….so…does 2day BEgin #Lent ?…and what have u guys decided to sacrifice?…….anybody

If you find funny tweets please don’t hesitate to Lent (send) them to me, I am collecting:)

Happy Ash Wednesday Everybody!