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When I was engaged to my husband, my sister in law said to me:

“ Mirella, you have to know that Jim loves sports, and January is a very important month for him.”

Coming from a non-American country, I had no clue what she was talking about.

I thought she meant by “to love sport” is to be an athlete – I think this is what it means in most other languages.

So I started imagining my cute intellectual husband metamorphosing around January, lifting heavy weight and spending his weekends at the gym.  Little I knew that loving sport meant; watching TV on the couch while eating pizza.

If by any chance you are a sports lover , you should definitely not keep reading this post, especially if your name is Jim and you are my husband (Sorry, babe, if you already did).

If the keywords in your search engine landed you on my blog, I would like to thank you for inflating my viewers statistics and I would like to say that I am sorry for cheating by putting a title like “Why I am crazy about the playoffs and the Super Bowl” when what I really meant was: it is the worse time of the year.  I can explain: I did it because I knew it will increase the traffic on my website.  (Hey, I have to take advantage of the season too!)  However I highly recommend my other posts, the ones of last week they are more serious. (Please don’t give up on my entire blog yet, just because I am throwing a tantrum).

During football season, divorce rate goes up (please don’t ask me about my sources); or probably after the Super Bowl, because husbands are too busy watching football.  Not for me and my husband though.  I think I developed a fond feeling for this period of time where things work for me.  Some of the reasons are:

1- The gym is empty on Sundays; today I could spend over 40 minutes running on the treadmill without worrying of being kicked out.

2- the mall was empty; even the bookstore, I could read the most embarrassing titles without anyone looking over my shoulder.

4- I was able to play the victim and use the you-owe-me-card with my hubby; hey it worked got a lunch at a fancy Georgetown restaurant yesterday.

3- and finally I don’t have to cook tonight, thanks to the pizza delivery.

So today I can finally say that I became a big fan of the football season.

Anyway, so with my readings, my delicious Georgetown cupcakes and not having to cook tonight I am having one of my best days!

Cannot wait for the Super Bowl!