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This morning I received by mail my February issue of Vanity Fair.  On the front cover Tiger Wood naked.  Underneath the pictures it said: “Raw, Never-before-seen photos! by Annie Leibovitz.”

Last time I saw the word RAW was on the Vivid porno DVD’s, and today I see it on one of the most respected magazine in America.  Suddenly everything made sense to me:  The obsession we all had for the last months over Wood’s affair was nothing but envy.  No matter how fiercely his behavior was attacked, it is obvious that it is one of the most fantasized situation.  Everybody is writing about it and everybody  is reading about it.  His case reminded me of the same ordeal John Edward went and still going through.  Based on our society’s values, there is a consensus that those two man should be stoned to death, and indeed the stoning did kill their career.

As a married woman and an incurable feminist I am not approving their behavior.  Those two men are married, have families and represent a role model idolized by many.  But, do we really hate them and think of them as vicious people? Or they are just the object of our deepest fantasy?  You might think fantasy for men maybe.  Married men who are bored at home could seek some temporary excitement, and the one with tender heart would just live it through Tiger Wood and John Edward.  But what about women?  Well believe it or not, many women, married or not, did also fantasized of being Edward’s mistress, or just a one night stand in Wood’s ripped arms.  It is not that the mistresses were ugly or anything.  Kelly Rippa, on Live with Regis and Kelly once said: “I am so outraged by Wood’s behavior, he slept with so many women and yet he never hit on me! Not once!”  Of course she was joking but the idea might have crossed so many women’s mind.

Those stories of infidelity are having so much success that the media people are trying to milk it as much as they can.  Recently a new case based on the  story of Peter Orszag’s love child, revealed to me a new face of our society.

Peter Orszag’s  is the White House Office and Budget Management Director.  He, Just like Tom Brady, is going to have a love child.  I understand the obsession with the affairs of the most extraordinary-sexual-one-of-a-kind men like Wood and Brady, but to extend our obsession to the Orszag’s case?  it speaks volumes!

Who is really Peter Orszag? Peter Orszag, who was recently described by the New York Times magazines as the sexiest nerd in Washington DC, well is… a nerd.   Most of all he is a single man who, hastily, had unprotected sex.  His story, at his own huge surprise (and many other people),  is making headlines.  Huffington Post already wrote more than three articles  about him in a week; about his ex-wife, about his pregnant woman and about his current love.   Seriously? like SNL would say:)  Seriously? Who is interested in this man’s sex life?

I realized that if  I, personally don’t have any interest in some single man’s affairs, many people do.  Bottom line, we love to hear sex stories but we hide behind Puritanism.  We are nothing but the modern voyeurs.

Instead of hiding behind the curtains to watch our neighbor in her/his intimate moments, all we have to do is watch TV and read the news.  Bravo TV is full of successful reality shows where you can see the details of  people’s life whom we never met and who will never be our neighbors.   The examples are multiple:  it goes from the Real Housewives (of the state of the union) to Keeping up with the Kardashians…. you can see Lisa Wu Hartwell with her NFL husband Ed planning to have another child (by planning I mean in bed) or simply Kourtney Kardashian getting pregnant.  In the latter case we all saw the scene before the conception took place (and I mean sperm meet egg), well not completely but enough to witness the act! and by doing that, many viewers could be now witnesses on Mason Dash’s birth certificate.

So to satisfy our distorted taste a new kind of people is born: The Exhibitionists.  Who are the exhibitionists?  Well, they are no other than the reality TV casts guilty of being accomplice to the crime of voyeurism.  It  always takes two.  It is unbelievable how far the reality TV casts would go just to flash their life on TV.  And here I cannot help but bring the case of Tareq and Michaele Salahi.  Needless to explain who they are.  Or the Balloon boy, whose parents are desperate for attention.

By the end of the day we are all human being, voyeurs or exhibitionists, active or passive.  We all play the game no matter on which end we stand.  And as a person who switch side depending on the days, I am gonna go now and see Tiger Wood’s raw photos.  It is just because I am a dedicated fan of Annie Leibovitz:)

Talk to you later.

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