I met Kerry few years ago during my internship at Amnesty International in London.[tweetmeme source= ‘mirellamcc’ only_single=false]

Just like me Kerry is a lawyer, a Human Rights lawyer.  We both were born in less fortunate countries.  We went to London at the same time and lived in France during almost the same period.  I moved to the USA few years ago and she is planning on moving to North America, Canada.

This morning, when I woke up, I found a comment on my blog, that I posted yesterday.  I thought it was my beloved husband who wrote the comments since he is the only one who knew about my new creation.

But no, it was from her, Kerry.  She was the first one to write a comment on my blog.  I was surprise because I haven’t yet solicited a reaction from anyone or even advertised my blog yet.  I was waiting to have more posts so I could start sending invites to my friends.  I was so touched by her move that I decided to dedicate to her the post I will write today.  Especially that Kerry inspired me to open my own blog since she started blogging herself few months ago.

Kerry’s blog is very attaching.  I especially like her blog about her native country: http://kerrycharacters.wordpress.com/2009/11/05/things-aren’t-always-what-they-seem/ I keep reading it over and over again, like a prayer.

In her blog entitled Kerry’s characters , Kerry describes people she met in her life.  She is the character’s specialist:) She analyze people she knows and describe them in a way it become hard not to love them and wish you have met them one day.  Today as an homage to her I want to dedicate this blog to her character, and I hope to “give her justice.”

When I first met Kerry she seemed a single woman, very independent, active, a feminist.  I found out later from the kid’s pictures displayed on her desk that she is a family woman and has children.  Not all of  the beautiful kids in the photos looked like her.  I discovered later that she adopted them.  I wish I remember the exciting stories she told me about how things happened to her, but my memory is failing me now.  Maybe it is better that I don’t remember how the kids came into her life, so the privacy of her life will still be preserved.

Recently reunited together on Facebook, I found out that her family grew bigger and she has now five kids.  I never asked questions but I just enjoy looking at her beautiful angels every time she post a picture of them on her Facebook page.

As much as I would like to talk about Kerry’s ability to embrace and take everything life offers her and about her infinite capacity to give back generously, I want to talk about another skill she has:

When I first met Kerry in London, the rumors went all around the International Secretariat that she had the ability to predict the future.  It was a bit exaggerated but Kerry was indeed capable of seeing scene from the future.  When I asked her how it works, she said: “well it is not exactly knowing what is going to happen and when it will happen.  I just see some times (not all the times) and some people (not everyone I know) at some point doing something and I have a feeling about it.”  After I begged her to try with me, she asked me to give her a photo of my face and she will see if anything will come up.

Our six months of internship went by and we were just about to leave London when Kerry called me at my desk and said: “Mirella I saw you yesterday” I said: “what do you mean saw me?”  I have had forgotten her ability.  We had become very close friends and share our frustration with the internship.  I was so looking forward to travelling back home and all that she wanted is to go back to her children.  She said: “I saw your future husband.”  I was so thrilled to hear that finally her gift is working on me! And she added: “I saw you with this man, blue eyes…..it is weird he remind me of a very good American friend I know who works for the American Embassy in Zimbabwe.”  I begged her for more information but that was all she saw.

Two years after, I was marrying my American blue-eyed husband whom I met at the American Embassy:)

When I was in France, Kerry got in touch with me again, and as we were catching up, I told her that I still don’t have children and I suffered a miscarriage.  She said: “it is funny but I saw you yesterday holding a baby boy”.  I said:  “no it is impossible.  I don’t want to try anymore anyway”.   Few months after, I was pregnant, but I never told Kerry that.  Unfortunately the miscarriage followed the conception three months after….I still think it was a boy, I could intercept some boy’s organs from the ultrasound… or it was just my imagination since it was too early to tell.

But to go back to Kerry; I don’t know how Kerry got the gift.  I don’t know how it works for her and how she deals with it in her daily life now.  I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse.  All I know is that Kerry is one of those amazing person who you meet once in a lifetime and she gives you hope.

I am so grateful to the circumstances that led me to know you Kerry and I will cherish your friendship for as long as I live.

Keep writing Kerry, and as you would say “I see you.”

Talk to you later.